Foster Care

A Bathing Suit Memory

My first foster daughter wore this same bathing suit and now, it’s my daughter’s favorite.

C was almost 2 when she moved in with us, Ezrie is currently 2. I think that’s why memories are hitting me so hard right now. 

I was SO excited about this bathing suit when I found it for C and she loved it. My niece had a matching one and it was perfect.

When C went home in the winter I knew she wouldn’t need this and wouldn’t be able to fit in it the next summer so I kept it as a “just in case”.

I didn’t know if I wanted Ezrie to wear it. For some reason, this pink bathing suit brought back so many memories.

But I decided that I kept it for a reason and I wanted my daughter to have it if she wanted it. And y’all, it’s her favorite and currently the only bathing suit she will wear. She keeps asking to wear the “new one” bathing suit and I smile every time.

God created a new thing through our foster care journey. He made us all new. He changed our lives, reunified a family, and created a new family for us with the twins. Her choice of words are not lost on me.

Life is funny. I’m still not sure what it all means or how long these memories will continue to walk right alongside our current life but that’s ok. I’m learning to walk through it and smile at the similarities between the 2 girls.

My first daughter and my forever daughter.



My niece & C


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