Dragon Time & Matcha Green Tea

Yesterday was one of those “harder” days due to a day I have once a month.⁣

That first day is ROUGH for me, at least it had been for years but recently it’s been so much better. Today, not so much.⁣

Things I did to save the day:⁣

•used my heating pad for about 30 min⁣

•rolled dragon time ALLLL over (if you’re a YL member and a woman go check this one out. It replaced midol for me)⁣

•let the twins entertain themselves and learn to play together while I gathered myself⁣

Then I got up and decided to make my first matcha green tea. it’s legit and SO much cheaper than going to buy one at Starbucks.

So here’s to moms all over the world putting on our big girl panties and still being bomb while our insides are screaming ✌🏽⁣

✨Iced Matcha Green Tea⁣

• packet of green tea from TJs (might try other brands but this one was good)⁣

• mix in about 1/8 cup water with frother or electric mixer (so no clumps)⁣

• add a little honey⁣

• pour that mixture over 1-1/2 cups unsweetened vanilla almond milk⁣

• drop in some ice cubes ⁣

Happy Wednesday friends!⁣

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