Social Media & Life

Life is hard.⁣

Sometimes I think people see a person’s social media and assume their life is perfect. And while I appreciate the realness of posting messy houses and dirty, whiny kids, there are so many things in life we don’t and can’t post.⁣

Hurts, failures, wrongdoings, intricacies of foster care and adoption, family issues, being a letdown to friends, and on and on and on. And honestly, I’m dealing with a lot of those. Not just one or two.⁣

So when a person posts about their kids or something good that happened, maybe it’s because they are focusing on that good to make it through the bad.⁣

Or they post a devotional. Maybe that specific text or Bible verse is what’s getting them through that day.⁣

Or maybe even posting cute pictures or videos of our kids is done on really good days and we know there are other people out there who could benefit from that happiness being shown because they are going through a really rough time.⁣

Whatever it is, we should all assume people have things going on in their lives that aren’t Instagram worthy. We need to remember and reach out to our friends outside of social media. We should remember that we all have lives being lived outside of social media. We should look to Instagram for inspiration, not comparison or to check up on friends. And while it’s a tough balance to share all of it, it doesn’t take away from what we don’t share. It doesn’t make that go away.⁣

My life is not perfect. Not even close. But gah I’m thankful for it. And I hope that in sharing things on here I never give people the impression that my life is easy. It’s not. But it’s so worth fighting for. Even those really hard things.⁣

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