Introverted Extrovert

Introverted Extrovert.

I wasn’t really sure how to explain my personality until recently.

See the thing is, most people assume I’m an extrovert. I’m pretty outgoing, love spending time with friends, and enjoy going pretty consistently.

But in reality, I get overwhelmed at events given certain factors; I shut down pretty easily and, where introverts would be given a free pass, someone like me is seen as mean or stand offish. People then take it personally because their expectations of who I am didn’t match the reality of who I am.

I constantly have a million things going on in my head so sometimes I get stuck there and my outward expressions aren’t happy go lucky because my brain is going a hundred miles an hour. It’s part of my type 3 enneagram personality. That mixed with being both an introverted extrovert and I’ve become an anomaly to people who don’t truly know me. I also believe these can change overtime. Honestly, becoming a foster mom really changed who I was.

So here I am reaching out to all of the others out there like me. I see you overwhelmed at an outing. I see you receding into your mind because you’re just trying to do it all. I see you getting filled with being around people but as soon as you hit a wall, that introvert hits hard.

Just like we shouldn’t make complete characterizations about people on social media, we really shouldn’t base our decision on their character from big events or gatherings. We should take the time to make relationships, the kind that are one on one and allow you to know that person completely. And if you don’t have time for that, remember to give people grace. Maybe it’s an off day. Maybe they’re overwhelmed. Maybe they’re just like me and they don’t fit into one of the 2 categories of people.

Let’s just be kind and extend grace to people. The same kind of grace we want extended to us. If anything at least the world would be a kinder place.

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